[Campaigns] Lukkien produces TV commercials for Danone

[Campaigns] Lukkien produces TV commercials for Danone

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Lukkien recently made an international production for Danone for the French advertising agency BETC. It was special because of the challenging combination of babies that cannot be directed and live projections on set.

How do you ensure happy protagonists and perfect technical conditions? What do you have to do to get the split second you are looking for? Producer Anna de Jong talks about the production of the Aptamil TV commercials for Danone.

Why did Danone chose the challenging combination of babies and live projections on set?

Anna de Jong explains: “Danone wanted to show that Aptamil follow-on milk is an excellent choice for now and for the future. With that message in mind, the French advertising agency BETC came up with a concept that shows the present in the foreground and the future in the background via live projection. ”

Baby director

Because filming with babies is unpredictable, Lukkien worked with baby director Job van As.

Anna de Jong: “Babies have their own rhythm and direct the crew. Job is calm and has a lot of experience working with babies. Exactly what is needed to move with the very own dynamics and flow of these little ones. ”

Two cameras

In order not to miss a moment, there was continuous shooting with two cameras.

 Anna de Jong: “Timing is the keyword in these types of productions. The crew has to adapt and wait. And at the same time: constantly being sharp. Only then can you capture the moments when the projection, baby and parent are at their best. The challenge did not stop on set, by the way. In post-production, we have done a lot of work to ensure perfect timing of the various elements and a streamlined result. ”

German and British market

The TV commercial has been broadcast in the United Kingdom since the beginning of 2021. The commercial will also be shown in Germany. In total, Lukkien delivered more than thirty different short and long high-end versions.

Anne de Jong: "The more challenging the production, the better if it works."

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