Clear Channel Europe and Broadsign extend partnership to transform the DOOH sales experience

Clear Channel Europe and Broadsign extend partnership to transform the DOOH sales experience

25-05-2021 09:48:12 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1079 | Tags:

Clear Channel Europe (CCE) and Broadsign have announced an expanded partnership through which the full stack of Broadsign's digital-out-of-home (DOOH) marketing technology solutions will be deployed across CCE's DOOH network spanning Europe.

The collaboration aligns with CCE's strategic plans to optimize media selling and buying across its global network of inventory using technology from Broadsign, Microsoft and Salesforce. Working closely with Broadsign, CCE's commercial innovation team is developing new solutions that automate and advance the DOOH transaction experience and provide enhanced precision and control in campaign planning.

The expanded partnership also standardizes the use of Broadsign's full stack of technology across all CCE business units, including new deployments in the UK, Italy and France. As part of the engagement, Broadsign Direct and Broadsign Reach will be extended to all CCE regions to enhance sales operations for both direct sales and programmatic transactions. The synergy of the full stack will also enable CCE to offer media buyers more diverse inventory and more flexible DOOH products due to automated optimization of inventory between guaranteed and non-guaranteed buys.

Ola Reppling, Chief Technology Officer, CCE: "Increasing flexibility across DOOH transactions is key to the advancement of the medium and its programmatic evolution. Like a game of Tetris, however, it requires a strategic approach and smarter working, which is why we're collaborating with technology partners like Broadsign, Microsoft and Salesforce. We have thousands of screens in our portfolio, and together with our partners we'll be able to push the boundaries of what's technically feasible, to give buyers the ultimate flexibility to adapt to market shifts. This partnership is establishing a new precedent for the industry and aligns with Clear Channel's broader digital transformation journey and our newly launched programmatic strategy, Clear Channel LaunchPad.

Maarten Dollevoet, Chief Revenue Officer, Broadsign: "Not only is Clear Channel's global inventory footprint expansive, with the media network housing some of the most sought-after ad space in the world, but the company has also quickly become a technology pioneer. Together, our teams are building a dynamic optimization engine that will maximize yield by fitting in more campaigns that might not otherwise be possible. It's a landmark development for the industry that we're thrilled to be a part of. With it, media buyers will easily be able to tap into all the advantages that DOOH has to offer and incorporate DOOH buys into omnichannel campaign planning, both of which will drive new attention to the medium."



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