Content marketing market to grow by $418 billion from 2020 to 2025, Technavio report

Content marketing market to grow by $418 billion from 2020 to 2025, Technavio report

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The use of AI with social media management software is one of the major trends supporting the content marketing market.

The digital transformation of businesses is an effort aimed at creating connected platforms and industry revenue streams. 

Consequently, several industries are opting for real-time solutions besides spending on IT infrastructure and analytical solutions to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Modern businesses are marked by an increase in the need for advanced business intelligence (BI).

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled content marketing with significant technological advances. AI provides a centralized view of all business activities and associated information.

The content marketing market is expected to grow by $417.85 billion from 2020 to 2025, at a Compound annual growth rate, CAGR, of 16% as per the latest market report by Technavio.

Content marketing market - Driver

The key factor driving growth in the content marketing market is the rise in the number of users on social media. Social media is becoming an essential part of the Internet, and it is accessed by more than a billion people worldwide. In addition, the increase in the use of mobile devices and smartphones has driven the use of social media among users. The growing use of social media among consumers is encouraging enterprises to use this platform to approach their target audience. As the number of users is continuously increasing, enterprises are using social media platforms for content marketing, which helps them to manage their large target audience more effectively. Thus, with the increase in the use of social media among consumers.

Content marketing market - Challenge

The fraud related to digital advertisements will be a major challenge for the content marketing market. Content advertisements through digital platforms are commonly considered as a form of advertisement that is done through the Internet to market products or services to consumers. With time, the term digital advertisements have expanded its dimensions. Furthermore, due to an increase in fraud-related digital advertisements, it is now treated as one of the major concerns for industry players. Fraud related to digital advertisements includes actions such as launching advertisements outside of a user's view and creating fake advertisement traffic by using content scraping websites.

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