[eMarketer] Google tries to coax cloud database users away from Amazon and Oracle

[eMarketer] Google tries to coax cloud database users away from Amazon and Oracle

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Continuing efforts to raise its status among leading cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud has unleashed its AlloyDB.

During the annual I/O conference, Google announced its new cloud database service AlloyDB, per Insider.

The service is based on the open-source database management system PostgreSQL and geared to help motivate enterprises to move their databases from data centers and “legacy” vendors like Oracle and Microsoft SQL servers to Google Cloud.

A preview version of AlloyDB is currently being tested in the financial services and retail industries, with full availability slated for later this year.

In addition to Google’s claim that AlloyDB is twice as fast as AWS’s similar product, Aurora, it’s also trying to distinguish itself by promising not to charge for data input, output, or IOPS, which AWS customers do pay for.

In recent years, Google has been pushing to achieve profitability and boost market share for its cloud division as it still lags considerably behind Amazon and Microsoft. Among other moves, the tech giant sees targeting the database arena as a way to tap into a potentially huge customer base.

eMarketer opines that despite robust interest in cloud services, the burden is on providers to foster confidence in their products, considering the daunting task of migration.

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