[eMarketer] How TikTok could help boost social commerce in the UK

[eMarketer] How TikTok could help boost social commerce in the UK

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The UK is a nation of digital buyers. But their appetite for shopping online hasn’t yet extended to social media. That’s partly because social commerce has been slower to roll out in the UK than in the US and China, the world’s other top ecommerce nations.

Another headwind is the relative maturity of ecommerce in the UK, where consumers and brands already have well-established digital habits that could take time to change.

In 2022, over 15 million UK consumers will make a purchase on social media, per eMarketer forecast. For UK brands and retailers, that presents a significant opportunity for social commerce to help fill the “discovery gap” that exists in traditional ecommerce.

By leveraging the commerce tools available on social platforms, marketers can get their products in front of a relevant, engaged audience—increasing brand reach and improving engagement with both new and existing customers.

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