[eMarketer] Retailers see promise in Chat-GPT and generative AI

[eMarketer] Retailers see promise in Chat-GPT and generative AI

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Retailers are looking for ways to implement generative AI in their organizations.

Carrefour is experimenting with Chat-GPT and generative AI to create videos answering common customer questions, such as how to eat healthier for less, the company’s ecommerce chief Elodie Perthuisot wrote on LinkedIn.

Fanatics plans to use GPT-3 to help power its customer-service chatbot for its online sports gambling business, Hollis Donaldson, the VP of operations at Fanatics Gambling & Betting, told The Wall Street Journal.

In addition, a number of companies have announced retail-specific generative AI tools to help retailers and other enterprises reap the benefits of the new technology.

One of the most promising immediate use cases for retailers is to incorporate generative AI into customer service chatbots, enabling speedier, more relevant assistance and increased customer engagement.

Despite ChatGPT’s impressive capabilities, it remains a tool in development, as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has taken pains to note. Not only is it capable of creating or spreading misinformation, but its responses can also be inaccurate or plagiarized, all of which can erode consumer trust.

According to eMarketer, the lack of transparency around how OpenAI uses the data being fed to ChatGPT—and the fact that all user conversations are fed back into the models to improve future results—raises questions about whether confidential or proprietary information could end up becoming available to the public or competitors via a few well-crafted prompts.

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