[eMarketer] The consumer VR market enters new era of competitiveness

[eMarketer] The consumer VR market enters new era of competitiveness

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Consumer VR headsets are poised to enter a new phase of competitiveness with an increasing emphasis on supplemental metaverse platforms.

This week, executives from consumer VR industry leader Facebook recently teased images of what appear to be two VR headset prototypes.

In one photo, CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off what looks like a next-generation Oculus headset experimenting with “retina resolution,” which in theory would offer a resolution so high it’s indiscernible from reality.

The other photo features soon-to-be CTO Andrew Bosworth wearing a smaller, seemingly standalone headset that looks strikingly similar to an early illustration of Apple’s rumored XR device.

Any new headsets from Facebook are worth watching because it stands tall as the undisputed industry leader. Oculus headsets captured almost two-thirds of global VR headset shipments during Q1 2021.

Though price and functionality have traditionally been top considerations for VR consumers, digital ecosystems (or metaverses) may become increasingly important complements.

eMarketer posits that the growing focus on VR metaverses will likely stand to benefit Apple when it enters the market thanks to its deep history of locking users into its frictionless ecosystem.

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