[eMarketer] Twitter enters the ad revenue-sharing race

[eMarketer] Twitter enters the ad revenue-sharing race

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Recently, Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter will start sharing ad revenues with creators from ads that appear in a tweet’s reply threads.

To be eligible, creators must subscribe to Twitter Blue Verified, Twitter’s $8-per-month subscription service that gives users a blue checkmark next to their account name, among other perks.

Musk did not clarify what percentage of ad revenues Twitter will share with creators.

he social platforms are all searching for sustainable ways to incentivize creators to develop content. In our Social Media Trends to Watch for 2023 report, we predicted that nearly every social platform would share ad revenues with creators by the end of the year—and that creator funds would all but disappear.

eMarketer argues that while it is a positive sign that Musk is seemingly committed to helping creators monetize, monetization is just one piece of the puzzle he needs to solve to attract creators.

And dangling ad revenue sharing as a carrot in front of creators to boost Twitter Blue subscriber revenues isn’t great optics—and is unlikely to succeed.

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