Europa+ set to launch in Latin America

Europa+ set to launch in Latin America

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Europa+ announced the launch of its new subscription streaming video service that will, for the first time, bring Latin American and Caribbean audiences the latest and most popular television programming from the UK, GermanyFranceItaly, and other European countries.

Europa+ is designed to attract the growing audience of European Nationals (Ex-pats), Latin Americans of European descent and the large community of those passionate about European culture who live and work in the region.

The company selected Streann Media to provide the award-winning platform that securely delivers leading-edge OTT-TV streaming services rivalling Netflix and Disney+. Streann offers a robust backend supported by the reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling users to access Europa+ content on most internet-connected devices capable of streaming.

Streann Media and Europa+ spent months designing the best user experience for video customers, surpassing all existing boutique OTT services available nowadays. Users will find an easy-to-use interface to navigate and watch programming. At the same time, the app includes specialized social capabilities to enable subscribers to engage and interact with each other regarding the content on the platform. Additionally, users can share portions of the content they're watching with their friends directly on social media.

The app is currently available on all iOS, Android, AppleTV, Roku, and soon to be available on the Amazon Fire platform.

Rubén Mendiola, COO at Europa+: "Europa+ is about adding something extra. While many consumers will already watch a lot of on-demand content via many competitor services, Europa+ adds something different to their entertainment offering; premium European content. For Telecommunications providers looking to offer differentiated programming to what's currently available in the market, Europa+ is a breath of fresh air. It offers the best and newest European TV programmes across all genres in their original language, with subtitles in numerous languages, including Spanish and English."

Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann Media: "We are thrilled to bring new content experiences to the market. It is huge for us at Streann Media, as we see the tremendous growth of niche OTT services like Europa+. We are thrilled to implement our +100 features to expand distribution, boost user engagement, and ultimately bring 10X revenues to our content partners."

Luis Torres-Bohl, President at Castalia Communications Corporation: "Castalia is always looking to innovate and improve upon media options and has decades of direct experience delivering regionalised multicultural programming to new markets and customers. And we are now proud to be launching Europa+, an OTT service with distinctive European voices."



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