Exterion Media The Netherlands introduces audience-based purchasing to its Digital Out-of-Home opportunities

Exterion Media The Netherlands introduces audience-based purchasing to its Digital Out-of-Home opportunities

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Exterion Media The Netherlands will now offer the option of audience-based purchasing across environments such as street, roadside, shopping centres and petrol stations in addition to its more traditional location-based purchasing routes.

The new service will offer advertisers not only convenience, but also more unique insights into who they reach in particular locations.

Many advertisers use Out-of-Home to reach mass audiences. In fact, this was almost always the case historically with traditional Out-of-Home, but thanks to the possibilities of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), advertisers can now deliver more targeted campaigns with the medium.

With this new audience-based positioning, Exterion Media The Netherlands is able to align closer with other digital media, assisting in planning cross-media campaigns.

The added value of DOOH is that you can adjust copy in real time and buy the moments that matter, in the specific place where your target audience is located. This enables brands to work very quickly and effectively, whilst tailoring messages to their specific audiences at particular times.

Guy Grimmel, Marketing and Sales Director, Exterion Media The Netherlands: “Social media content, which is short, portrait and without audio, can easily be placed on our digital screens. This content is already being created, so how nice is it to be visible cross-media in other locations as well? In this way you can reach people outside of your already existing fan base in a very targeted way. We exactly know where a specific target group is located and where the campaign must then be visible to reach this target group.”

DOOH is a one to many communication and not a 1-to-1. Therefore, it is not practical to use DOOH to reach a one-to-one target group and so broader defined categories simplify the purchase for advertisers.

The target groups defined by Exterion Media The Netherlands are Millennials, Business Decision Makers, Households with Children, Students, High Society and Messengers (grocery shoppers).

For example, you can reach a business driver in the morning and evening rush hour at our petrol stations, but you can reach households with children, for example, on Wednesday and Friday afternoons in the shopping centres. We have used data across our estate to ensure each target group is paired up perfectly with the audience delivery of each panel in a network.

In addition to these six target groups, it is still possible to purchase on the basis of networks, namely: 'Urban' (digital screens in over 100,000 cities) ,'On The Go' (digital screens where you pass by car or bicycle) and 'Retail' (digital screens in shopping centres near shopping streets).



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