Gillette launches new line of products that are kind to skin and planet

Gillette launches new line of products that are kind to skin and planet

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Gillette has launched Planet KIND, a new shaving and skincare brand that is kind to skin and the planet.

 Planet KIND packaging is recyclable and made with 85% recycled paper, 85% recycled plastic or infinitely recyclable aluminum.

The lineup also includes a razor handle made with 60% recycled plastic. The brand has partnered with Plastic Bank® to give consumers even more reason to feel good about choosing Planet KIND. In partnership with Plastic Bank, every Planet KIND product purchased will prevent 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

John Claughton, VP of North America Grooming, P&G: “Planet KIND makes it easier to incorporate eco-friendly choices into your shaving and skincare routine. We know consumers are looking for sustainable products that are kind to skin, and don’t want to compromise on performance. Our Planet KIND products are designed with this in mind and are backed by a brand people already know and trust.”

The Planet KIND lineup includes a razor and blades, moisturizer, face wash and shave cream. The key features include:

A durable razor handle made to last with 60% recycled plastic (made from rPET, like water bottle plastic), which can be used for years.

One Planet KIND razor handle contains the equivalent of one recycled water bottle.

Razor with two cartridge refills can be purchased for $9.99*

Razor cartridges with five high quality blades that glide effortlessly over skin for a close, smooth and gentle-on-skin shave. Each cartridge is good for up to one month of shaves.

Four-count cartridge refills can be purchased for $9.99

Eight-count cartridge refills can be purchased for $20.00

Dermatologist-tested moisturizer, face wash and shave cream made without parabens, SLS sulfate, alcohol or dyes. The moisturizer and face wash bottles are made with 85% recycled plastic, and the shave cream jar is made with infinitely recyclable aluminum.

Moisturizer, face wash and shave cream can be purchased for $7.99* each.

Planet KIND packaging can be recycled through most curbside municipality programs, and both the blades & the handle are recyclable through Gillette’s Razor Recycling Program in partnership with international recycling leader, TerraCycle®.

Through this program, consumers can send in all brands of blades and razors, including razor systems, disposable razors, replaceable-blade cartridge units, rigid plastic packaging and flexible plastic bag packaging.


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