Granvia launches  campaigns to promote road safety in Slovakia

Granvia launches  campaigns to promote road safety in Slovakia

12-04-2021 14:54:00 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 874 | Tags:

Vinci Highways’ subsidiary Granvia announces the launch of two prevention campaigns in Slovakia.

The campaigns are in replacement of its traditional “Safety Days” which the concession company is unable to organise due to the current health situation caused by the pandemic. The first campaign is dedicated to fatigue and inattention, while the second is aimed at young people.

Based on the fact that 56% of accidents on the R1 highway are caused by fatigue or inattention, Granvia has decided to display a crashed vehicle at one of its rest areas, accompanied by an explanatory brochure targeting drivers using the R1. The brochure, translated into the six languages most spoken by drivers and accessible via a QR code, carries a simple but essential message: “Drive well, save lives”.

This prevention campaign is in addition to the educational board game created by Granvia for children. This game, which will be distributed to local schools from April onwards, reminds them of the essential principles of road safety, but not only that, as it also informs them about sustainable development, through the prism of recycling.

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