GroupM updates carbon calculator to provide omnichannel measurement capabilities

GroupM updates carbon calculator to provide omnichannel measurement capabilities

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GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, has released an updated version of its carbon calculator that provides omnichannel measurement capabilities for its agencies to be able to measure the carbon footprint of client campaigns more accurately.

The more granular channel-level measurement capabilities will enable the reduction of carbon emissions per media impression by 50% by 2030. This latest version of the calculator also fully integrates the group’s cutting-edge carbon measurement methodology for advertising and applies the latest standards in environmental performance data analysis and environmental data resources.

The upgraded calculator is supported by a new partnership between GroupM and Scope3, the company for supply chain emissions data, to augment carbon measurement across digital channels and give brands an accurate view into their digital supply chain emissions. Agencies and teams within GroupM will be able to use Scope3 data to inform reduction strategies for their digital media buying. Further, the two companies will co-develop Scope3’s planning API with GroupM having first-to-market access upon completion.

Krystal Olivieri, Chief Innovation Officer, GroupM & Choreograph: “These updates ensure a robust, quickly scalable solution that is aligned with the five lifecycle stages of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to enable rapid carbon reduction and lay the foundation for a common approach across the industry. To be effective, the decarbonization process must start with planning. By co-developing an accurate planning API with Scope3, we can ensure an optimal balance between cost, cover and carbon.”

The Channel-Level Carbon Calculator includes factors like the physical weight of non-digital media and has the ability to account for emissions associated with the production of the campaign creative, too. It is the second of three development phases for GroupM’s full carbon calculator, with the third being vendor-level non-digital carbon measurement to be rolled out beginning in 2024.

 This phase will see the application of channel-level measurement to calculate carbon emissions on a partner level to better inform media planning and investment.

Kieley Taylor, Global Head of Partnerships, GroupM: “More and more, our clients are looking to advance their overall corporate sustainability commitments through their marketing and advertising initiatives. As we continue to establish standards among publishers, platforms and industry organizations, our development of this tool allows us to stay ahead of the curve while honoring the value of each media channel’s ability to deliver our clients’ marketing goals. Given the gravity of our inclusion of media in our scope three commitments, we’re well positioned to develop benchmarks more quickly that allow us to hit our goals faster.”

GroupM’s carbon calculator, which combines previous iterations to fully align with the previously announced media decarbonization framework, continues the group’s momentum to deliver on its commitment to decarbonize its media supply chain by 2030, as announced by WPP in April 2021.

Anne Coghlan, COO and co-founder, Scope3: “To rapidly decarbonize digital media, we have to help the ad industry better understand the sustainability gaps in how we do things today. GroupM has taken on a leadership role in moving sustainability efforts forward, and we share their deep commitment to aligning the industry around a common approach to carbon reduction. This partnership continues to advance that mission by putting actionable carbon emissions data into the hands of teams who can change buying behavior in a way that benefits the planet.”

Helen Price, Global Chief Investment Officer, Wavemaker; “The impact this updated carbon calculator has already had for our clients and their media plans has been fantastic. As we continue to refine our methodologies and tools, as well as getting the industry to come together on a common way forward, we have no doubt that we’ll achieve our goals of the reduction of carbon emissions per media impression by 50% by 2030.”



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