Havas Group acquires Italian cloud services agency Nohup

Havas Group acquires Italian cloud services agency Nohup

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Less than a year after the launch of Havas CX Italy, the dedicated customer experience and digital transformation network, Havas Group has announced it has acquired Nohup, an agency in Italy for cloud services, digital transformation processes and system integration.

 This partnership, led by Manfredi Calabrò who runs Havas CX Italy and is CEO of Havas Milan, marks a further step in the expansion of Havas Group’s expertise in customer experience and will be very beneficial to the whole European market.

Nohup was founded by Maria Aiello and Riccardo Fabbri with the aim of creating a cutting-edge service based on strong technical expertise in software development and system architecture, able to provide businesses with innovative and concrete solutions. The company relies on 30 professionals operating in the cities of Milan and Udine, with part of the team already based in Milan’s Havas Village to accelerate the integration of different competences.

Yannick Bolloré, Chairman & CEO, Havas Group: “The acquisition of Nohup confirms the importance of the Italian market to Havas Group. Nohup will be a crucial strategic partner in bringing the technological expertise necessary to keeping communication relevant in such a changing landscape. This move is also further confirmation of Vivendi’s intention to continue investing in Italy. We are delighted to welcome the team to the Havas Family.”

This acquisition contributes to the positive momentum of Havas CX’s activity in Italy, and further enriches its network of invaluable and talented collaborators located over Turin, Milan and Udine. In Italy, Havas CX will close 2021 with a total turnover of over €10 million and organic growth of 15%.

Manfredi Calabrò, CEO,  Havas Milan: “With Nohup we share the same ethical and professional values. We can’t wait to keep promoting them with Maria and Riccardo, confirming the importance we place on the quality of our service, always committed to transparency and developing our expertise.”

Maria Aiello and Riccardo Fabbri, co-founders, Nohup: “At the heart of our objectives is the firm belief that concrete, successful digital innovation can only be based on constant technological research and the development of user-centered solutions designed around their experience, with the utmost attention to privacy and data security. Through the vision we share with Havas and the synergies between our respective teams, we believe Havas is the perfect partner and together we will be able to build a more competitive and distinctive presence on the local and international markets and become an unparalleled reference within the industry.”



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