Havas Media Group launches social impact marketplace in Canada

Havas Media Group launches social impact marketplace in Canada

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Havas Media Group (HMG) has launched a new Social Impact Marketplace in Canada that enables clients to invest in ethical and responsible advertising more meaningfully. 

Clients and brands signing up to the Social Impact (SI) Marketplace will be offered access to publishers, networks and platforms that are focused on building a sustainable media ecosystem and reaching audiences who are engaged with improving their social and carbon footprint. 

All media accessible within the SI Marketplace is vetted and reported on based on carbon footprint in addition to prescribed performance KPIs. This enables teams at Havas Media to not only measure the carbon impact but activate campaigns with specific ESG goals in mind without compromising on media performance.

Noah Vardon, President, Havas Media Group Canada: “Creating Meaningful Media is the core driver for product development at Havas Media. This new offering pairs relevance and brand association with an important cause and business outcomes for our clients”

Tebbie Chuchla, Vice President of Marketing, Keurig Dr Pepper Canada: “At Keurig Dr Pepper Canada, we have a thirst to constantly innovate for the better and make a positive impact. Whether it is by creating an inspiring work environment where our employees can grow and our business can thrive, we are dedicated to pushing ourselves to the next level by striving for a sustainable future for our industry. We apply this same philosophy in the partnerships we develop and the business partners we choose. Through the implementation of the SI Marketplace, Havas Media is bringing a fresh and forward-thinking vision to the media industry that is more transparent, ethical and socially responsible. It is therefore natural for us to embrace and encourage this new way of doing business.” 

Wes Wolch, SVP Marketing, Holt Renfrew: “Seeing initiatives such as this from Havas makes us proud of partnership due to our shared focus on sustainability. The Media industry has often overlooked the positive impact it can have on our environment and it’s inspiring to see it become a focus area to drive impactful results for the communities where we live and work. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re excited to take on the challenge with our friends at Havas Media.”

The launch is part of the agency group’s commitment to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses, and people, and its mission to understand the most “Meaningful Media”— the media channels, moments, and brands that really move consumers to action.

This exciting announcement follows the launch of Havas Media’s social equity marketplace in the UK, which offers advertisers an easy and effective way to support underrepresented groups through digital media spend. Havas Media Group became the first global holding company to join the Conscious Advertising Network, last October. 



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