HP advances sustainable printing with Managed Print Service

HP advances sustainable printing with Managed Print Service

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HP has rolled out the planet’s most comprehensive carbon neutral Managed Print Service offering for HP-branded devices, making it simple for customers to advance climate change goals and be more productive without business disruption.

HP Managed Print Service end-to-end solutions for HP-branded devices help businesses reduce and offset the carbon impact of printing by estimating the total carbon emissions from one’s HP-branded printing solution using HP’s proprietary Sustainable Impact Reporting and Analytics (SIRA) tool, improving resource efficiency by 13 per cent, decreasing ecosystem impacts by 12 per cent, reducing paper waste by 25 per cent and offsetting 100 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Multinational IT company HP partners with leading organizations to verify emissions and drive investment in socially conscious projects that support communities, biodiversity conservation, wind power and native forest regeneration. Examples include the Rimba Raya biodiversity reserve in Indonesia, Kulera forests in Malai and the Sichuan biodigester in China.

CarbonNeutral® certification in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol 7 covers lifecycle emissions due to raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, use of HP printers, Original HP supplies, and paper, and end of service.

Carbon neutrality helps to effectively bring a carbon footprint to zero using a combination of measures, including increased operating efficiency, moving to renewable energy and investing in a variety of carbon offset projects, such as forest conservation.

HP finances high quality carbon offset projects that meet rigorous third-party standards to offset 100% of our customers’ emissions from HP-branded printers. These projects can further the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and deliver co-benefits for people, planet and communities.

Carbon offsets can help lead to further sustainable development in the form of jobs for renewable energy, health benefits from fossil-fuel reduction and conservation of biodiversity.

HP continues to move toward a sustainable future for printing that is forest positive, carbon neutral and supportive of a circular economy. By reducing carbon emissions across our entire value chain and investing in carbon offsets, HP is stepping up to address the lifetime carbon footprint of every HP print solution.

HP is advancing on the goal for Managed Print Service to be carbon neutral by 2025 and has been tracking that progress in its 2019 Sustainable Impact Report.



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