Loop Media Inc. expands distribution and content with new sports channel

Loop Media Inc. expands distribution and content with new sports channel

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Loop Media, Inc. a multichannel streaming platform that provides curated music video and branded entertainment channels for businesses and consumers, has announced both expanded distribution to NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming service, and new channels for its SONIFI in-room partnership and its Loop for Business service.

Loop’s popular new channel “HyperLoop,” released earlier this year, is now available in more than 400,000 hotel rooms across the United States through its partnership with SONIFI, making it one of Loop’s fastest growing out-of-home (OOH) channels. “HyperLoop” combines content from the most relevant, premium sources in viral and action sports videos and features unique editing techniques and compelling music, making the channel impossible to turn off.

Jennifer Leslie, Senior Vice President of Content and Advertising, SONIFI: “HyperLoop” is already available in Loop’s OOH locations in restaurants, bars, and retail stores, and can now also be seen in over 400,000 hotel rooms across national and enterprise hotel brand chains in the United States. “Loop Media’s wide variety of content means “HyperLoop” has something for everyone. We’re excited to provide this channel to enhance guests’ in-room experiences and entertainment options.”

Loop also announced that earlier this year they began producing four new music video channels for Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming service and one of Loop’s newest distribution partners. Peacock’s audience now has access to music video channels designed and programmed by Loop dedicated to Country, Pop, Latin and Classics.

Topping off its newest offerings, Loop has launched as “TriviaLoop”, a set of new channels available on the Loop Player. “TriviaLoop” channels feature non-stop around-the-clock multiple-choice quizzes in eight different categories, including Music, Sports, TV and Films, History, Science and Nature, Art and Literature, Geography and Wild Card. “We designed “TriviaLoop” to be optimized for our out-of-home service,” said Greg Drebin, Chief Content Officer of Loop Media Studios. “’TriviaLoop’ is yet another great way for our business clients to offer their customers a unique, engaging and interactive new form of in-venue entertainment.” “TriviaLoop” as well as the “TriviaLoop All Sports” channel and the “TriviaLoop All Music” channel are now available on the Loop for Business service.



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