MAGNA partners with airport network ReachTV to showcase businesses to advertisers

MAGNA partners with airport network ReachTV to showcase businesses to advertisers

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As air travel is resurging, Mediabrands is joining forces with ReachTV, the rapidly expanding network available on nearly 2,500 screens at some 90 airports across North America and the United Kingdom.

The Black-owned network, which features a mix of original programming and content from a host of familiar networks, was a participant in Mediabrands first annual Equity Upfront. Created by MAGNA, the Equity Upfront showcased Black-owned and targeted media businesses to advertisers. Subsequently, Mediabrands pledged it would collaborate with clients across the network to invest a minimum of 5% in Black-owned media channels in aggregate by 2023.

ReachTV, founded by media investor and entrepreneur Lynnwood Bibbens, offers advertisers a “Truth & Positivity” programming philosophy and a clutter-free advertising environment.

The partnership comes as the total number of flights have increased significantly since the all-time pandemic low of May 2020, according to the Department of Transportation’s most-recent Air Travel Consumer Report.

Lynnwood Bibbens, Founder and CEO, ReachTV: “ReachTV is dedicated to presenting uplifting content that appeals to a highly desirable audience of tastemakers on the go. We can help Mediabrands’ clients reach travelers who are emerging from the pandemic with pent-up demand. We’re able to reach them from takeoff to destination and from terminal to bar to airport gate.”

ReachTV measured over 12B impressions annually when travel was at 50 percent of normal levels. In another indicator of a rebounding travel industry, ReachTV impressions were up over 70% last month.

In addition to producing original content, ReachTV is partnered with more than 50 content creators, including NBC, A&E, AMC and NFL Network. Since its 2016 launch, ReachTV has scaled rapidly, across North America, and has established a presence at airports in the top 10 U.S. media markets. ReachTV also is installed at three of the U.K.’s busiest airports.

The Mediabrands/ReachTV partnership includes partnership elements such as snipes during programming, sponsorships, content integrations and additional impressions. The outlet also has customized dashboards for marketers and can pinpoint placements near airport retailers selling their wares.

Dani Benowitz, President, US, MAGNA: “The Equity Upfront and spending pledge aim to reverse long-standing inequities in the advertising industry. As we launch our partnership with ReachTV, our clients will see the immediate benefit of how minority-owned media companies not only provide them with exciting content environments, but also closely connect them with highly desirable and hard to reach consumers in engaging ways. In addition to supporting equity in media, brands who put ReachTV in their mix are positioned to capture consumers as they start traveling again and excitedly renew connections with loved ones.”


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