Mandy van der Wal becomes the Director of Audiohuis

Mandy van der Wal becomes the Director of Audiohuis

31-10-2022 14:21:00 | Door: Pie Kamau | Hits: 1243 | Tags:

Mandy van der Wal has been appointed as the new Director of Audiohuis. She will lead audio agency Audiohuis in the Netherlands. Until now, Van der Wal was Director of Video and Platforms at Mediahuis Nederland, where she was responsible for the video activities on the platforms of De Telegraaf, NSMBL, Manners and Dumpert, among others.

Audiohuis, which originated from NRC Media, is an all-in-one audio agency, specialized in creating, producing and distributing live radio and on-demand audio. With the rapidly growing role of audio in the Dutch media landscape, Audiohuis is now evolving into a separate entity within the Mediahuis group and the operational management will be in the hands of Mandy van der Wal as Director Audiohuis.

Audiohuis offers a total formula of creation, production and marketing in live and on-demand audio and relieves brands in all facets; from scripting and hosting, recording and editing, to distribution and promotion. Audiohuis therefore has everything in the field of audio under one roof. With the Dutch commercial FM radio station Sublime and the digital/DAB+ radio station Nostalgie, Audiohuis also owns two live radio brands.

Mandy van der Wal, Director, Audiohuis: “We have great faith in the potential of on-demand audio within the existing media landscape. This is reflected in the listening behavior of consumers and we notice it in the success of the audio products that we launch. With Audiohuis we have everything in our hands to realize our ambitions, in particular to become the leading audio publisher in the Netherlands. In any case, I am really looking forward to continuing to build on the success of Audiohuis together with the team.”

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