Media.Monks appoints Martine Lemans and Pierre Nelwan as Managing Directors

Media.Monks appoints Martine Lemans and Pierre Nelwan as Managing Directors

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Pierre Nelwan and Martine Lemans have been appointed as Managing Directors of Media.Monks' global core hub, where creation and technology come together for digital production.

For Pierre Nelwan, the appointment coincides with his 15th anniversary as an employee at Media.Monks.

He started as an intern (Flash) animation in Hilversum and worked his way up to Global Head of Animation. Martine Lemans started her career in 2016 at Media.Monks in Buenos Aires, where she started as a post and project manager and later as Operations Director played a central role in the growth of the company in Argentina.

For the past two years, Martine has been part of the global operations team, working with clients such as Mondelēz.

Martine Lemans: "After ten years in Buenos Aires, it is fantastic to come back to the Netherlands and to build an office together with Pierre Nelwan that functions as a hub in the web worldwide. Together with 700 other digital experts, we strive to continuously raising the bar on the digital standard - with a focus on culture and DE&I."

Pierre Nelwan: "With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the past 15 years at Media.Monks, this is a great new step. I look forward to building our office in Hilversum together with Martine and working on our ambitions for digital craft, but also culture."

Victor Knaap, co-founder and CEO EMEA, Media.Monks: “It is fantastic to see that Pierre and Martine have been with Media.Monks for such a long time and have developed the skills during their careers and have now grown to Managing Directors. Hilversum has created iconic work such as Nightwalk in Marseille, GEOX 7 Days of Rain, KLM Claim Your Place in Space and most recently The Uncesored Library and Netflix DARK, so our goal is to continue that and work on iconic campaigns and platforms with a strong focus on digital craft, and I am confident that Martine Lemans and Pierre Nelwan will also make the Hilversum Core Hub a really fun place to work, and everyone can feel the magic of the original Media.Monks where more than 100 Cannes Lions have been won. And I am so proud of their personal development, they show very well that anything is achievable in a career within Media.Monks."

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