SkyShowtime registers in The Netherlands, campaign starts

SkyShowtime registers in The Netherlands, campaign starts

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The streaming service SkyShowtime (from Paramount and Comcast) appears to have registered a Dutch registration for the streaming service with the Media Authority. Following Netflix, Disney+ and Discovery+, the international streaming service has therefore opted for Dutch media supervision for all versions that the service will offer in 20 countries. So far, no exemption has been requested for having to offer 30 percent to European productions.

This means that according to the Media Act, SkyShowtime's offer must offer 30 percent of its offer to European productions as a result of a European policy rule. This also includes productions from countries such as the United Kingdom and Switzerland. 

When asked, SkyShowtime says it will offer local programming, thanks in particular to Sky Studios and the catalog that the company has in part thanks to owners Comcast and Paramount. Both companies have been active in Europe for decades. Sky Studios is mainly active in the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. 

The streaming service points out that the service is only now being launched and that time is needed to develop a full content catalog. It will be a focus for the coming months as local programming will be strengthened and customers will get a good balance between international and local series and movies. Incidentally, in practice it mainly concerns American productions, given the American character of Paramount, Comcast and subsidiary NBCUniversal. 


SkyShowtime has a promotion at launch, just like HBO Max did at launch, a lifetime offer where the streaming service is offered for half the price. For the campaign, SkyShowtime will advertise widely through outdoor advertising in the coming period, including in large shopping centers as well as on trams and ferries. SkyShowtime has received the necessary advertising time through the channels of Talpa Network, NPO (Ster) and Paramount (Ad Alliance). Cinema advertising was also purchased through JeanMineurMediavision, as was advertising from the major national radio stations. 

SkyShowtime also wants to increase its brand awareness via social media and Spotify. It is unknown who the SkyShowtime media and advertising agency is. M&C Saatchi is responsible for the PR. The company has its European headquarters in London, but a number of divisions are based in the Netherlands. When asked, SkyShowtime did not want to disclose which advertising agency and media agency SkyShowtime has hired.

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