ViacomCBS and EU40 join forces to initiate change with diversity and inclusion event

ViacomCBS and EU40 join forces to initiate change with diversity and inclusion event

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ViacomCBS, Government Affairs and EU40, the Network of young Members of the European Parliament will host "Reflecting me: How can the AV sector support the EU’s diversity and inclusion agenda?”

During this virtual event, the ViacomCBS Global Insights Study, Reflecting Me: Global Representation On Screen , will set the scene for a debate between four high-level speakers on how to improve representation in the media.

The lineup of speakers includes: Evin Incir, MEP Co-President of the European Parliament's Anti-Racism & Diversity Intergroup, and member of the LGBTI Intergroup; Michaela Moua, EU Coordinator on Anti-Racism, European Commission; Nataly Kudiabor, Executive Producer, UFA; SusanneSchildknecht, Senior Vice President, MTV Entertainment, VCNI; and moderator Dan Sobovitz, Digital Storyteller and Founder of

Christian Kurz, Senior Vice President, Global Streaming and Corporate Insights at ViacomCBS and head of the team responsible for Reflecting Me project: "We know representation done right can aid in improving the lives of people globally. We have the responsibility not only to continue to drive change within our industry but also serve as a catalyst for positive social change around the world."

Alessandro Da Rold, MD, EU40: "our work centers around amplifying young voices in Europe and connecting communities and stakeholders. We have learnt that making sure people are seen and heard leads to inspiration and change. The report shows that diversity and representation on screen and off is a big part of this and should be part of the conversation."

The study is an expansive in-depth exploration of how media and entertainment teach people about themselves and others. Representation matters to audiences all around the world, with more than 80 percent calling for more to be done to improve representation both on and off screen. It is also widely recognized that representation has an impact on the real world by influencing people's perceptions, with 85 percent of respondents in agreement. Those that feel poorly represented suggest that this is not only due to not seeing enough people like them on screen but also due to seeing inaccurate portrayals, with more than half (52 percent) of people who feel poorly represented saying accuracy is lacking.

More than 80 percent of people globally say it is important that TV shows and movies offer diverse representation of lots of different groups and identities

This rises to 85 percent among people with mixed heritage, nearly 90 percent among marginalized ethnic groups, and more than 90 percent among Black people

Nearly 80 percent agree more diversity is needed in TV shows and movies.

This rises to more than 80 percent among people who consider themselves part of an under-represented group, and nearly 90 percent among Black people.

Only half of people globally are satisfied with the current level of representation that they see in TV shows and movies

More than half of people globally feel there needs to be more accurate representation of certain groups and identities in TV shows and movies.

The study was commissioned by ViacomCBS Networks International's Race and Equity Taskforce, as part of Content for Change, a global ViacomCBS initiative that aims to counteract racism, bias, stereotypes and hate through the company's culture, creative supply chain, and ultimately the content it creates.


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