VideoAmp becomes Facebook multi-touch attribution measurement partner

VideoAmp becomes Facebook multi-touch attribution measurement partner

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Software and data platform, VideoAmp, has announced their official status as a Facebook multi-touch attribution measurement partner.

The partnership provides VideoAmp clients with a holistic view of campaign performance across the Facebook family of apps, including Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network alongside linear TV, streaming and digital investments.

This holistic view across channels enables VideoAmp to tie media exposure to business outcomes and provide insights for campaign optimization.

With the ability to understand how the largest social platforms drive conversions downstream, VideoAmp clients now enjoy the benefit of uncovering deeper insights into the true effectiveness of their overall marketing spend while receiving actionable recommendations to enhance their cross-channel media strategies.

Univision, the leading Spanish-language media and content company in the U.S., was one of the first clients to pilot the new partnership earlier this year.

Kathryn Jordan Colon, Director of Digital Marketing, Univision: “This partnership, along with the depth and breadth of VideoAmp’s commingled TV dataset is invaluable. Tune-in is such a nuanced conversion that requires a specific level of sophistication and insight, and this partnership between VideoAmp and Facebook allows us to further enhance our media strategies and unlock measurement we couldn't tap into before.”

The partnership further enables VideoAmp to integrate Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network into multi-touch attribution measurement. Insights offered include:

Each channel’s contribution to delivering online, offline and tune-in conversions based on multi-touch attribution models

The most efficient partners, tactics and creatives in delivering conversions

Performance across Facebook campaign dimensions including platforms, placements and ad sets

JP Pereira, SVP of Marketing Science, VideoAmp:  “Having insight into such ubiquitous platforms like Facebook and Instagram is game changing for our clients. By pulling this type of data in, we are breaking down the measurement silos that have arisen as the digital landscape has become more and more fragmented. Every marketer wants to gain a clear view of a consumer’s path to conversion and the impact of every media touchpoint. Combining our expertise in linear TV with data from digital and OTT partners, and digital publishers like Facebook, makes this a reality.”

This offering sits within VideoAmp’s Campaign Optimizer solution and will help clients enhance their performance strategy by identifying optimization opportunities to maximize return on investment.

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