VIRTUE designs The Heroes of Sustainability campaign for McDonald’s Austria

VIRTUE designs The Heroes of Sustainability campaign for McDonald’s Austria

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With over 40,000 partner enterprises, McDonald’s Austria is the principal partner of Austrian agriculture in the catering sector.

To reflect this fact, and as a sign of the high regard in which the company holds its suppliers, McDonald’s has produced toy figures modelled on four of its partner farmers to be discovered in the strictly limited-edition Happy Meal which will be offered in a prize draw on the company’s website.

The Heroes of Sustainability are exact miniature-scale replicas of the real-life farmers. Reflecting various regional food products (beef, eggs, milk, potatoes), McDonald’s has manufactured figurines, which come with a fitting add-on object, to match the respective agricultural field.

Further underlining McDonald’s commitment to sustainability, all figures are manufactured from high-quality wood.

Marcus Opitz, Account Director, VIRTUE Vienna: “Our Heroes of Sustainability campaign has been developed with those Austrians and McDonald’s customers in mind who are interested in supporting regional businesses yet are unaware of the fact that, thanks to its local franchisees and around 40,000 Austrian suppliers, McDonald’s operates much more regionally than they realise. This is our way of promoting solidarity during the Corona crisis.”

Benedikt Böcker, Marketing Director, McDonald’s Austria: “For many years now, our partner enterprises in the agricultural sector have made sure that the meals we are serving are made from top-quality Austrian products. In developing the Heroes of Sustainability concept, the team at VIRTUE has come up with a creative vision that provides our customers and the McDonald’s community with a playful and authentic insight into the importance and value of the company's partnership with the local farming community, which not only applies to us and our farmers but also to the creation of added value in the country as a whole. It is crucial that we work together to overcome this crisis.”

As well as comprising over 40 SME franchises, McDonald’s Austria is also the local agricultural industry’s most important restaurant partner. Around 70% of its food ingredients are sourced within Austria, with that figure rising to 100 per cent for eggs, milk, potatoes and beef.

This is why VIRTUE’s Heroes of Sustainability campaign is placing the spotlight on the prime movers and shakers in the Austrian agricultural world. The media side of the campaign is supported via the company's online channels, social media and in-store TV highlights.

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