Vodafone provides 5G to MAS Supermarkets in Seville to improve shopping experience

Vodafone provides 5G to MAS Supermarkets in Seville to improve shopping experience

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Vodafone, a pioneer in the deployment of commercial 5G network in Spain, has provided 5G coverage to MAS Supermarkets in Seville to offer its customers an improved shopping experience through an innovative mobile application with augmented reality (AR) and 4K video.
Customers of MAS Supermarkets will only have to download the application on their mobile devices to access basic nutritional information on the different supermarket products, from ingredients to allergens, nutritional value, recommendations for use or recipes. In addition, the application itself offers a live broadcast of the status of the establishment through several 4K video cameras, which facilitates purchase planning. The application also offers the supermarket the possibility of informing in real time of all the promotions and offers that the customer can benefit from at the moment.
To make this innovative purchase assistance tool a reality, not only will MAS Supermarkets be provided with 5G coverage, but an ad hoc interior design will be worked on and the correct operation of the Augmented Reality application will be verified in the different sections. In addition to Vodafone, the project has had the participation of the company Pastview and the close collaboration of Supermercados MAS.

This project is part of the “5G Pilot in Andalusia” initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, through Red.es, and which is being developed by Vodafone and Huawei. Presented last November 2019 in Seville, it is in the first phase of development and includes 32 use cases that will apply the benefits of 5G technology in the sectors of energy, industry, smart cities, tourism, agriculture, health and dependency, security, emergencies and defense, society and digital economy.
This is one of the two projects that the Government has promoted through the first public call for aid to 5G pilots, resolved last spring. This initiative has a budget of 25.4 million euros, of which 6.3 million euros are co-financed by Red.es from community ERDF funds. Additionally, Vodafone will allocate 1.8 million as part of this project.



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