WPP joins Media Freedom Cohort to support independent journalism

WPP joins Media Freedom Cohort to support independent journalism

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WPP, supported by its media investment arm GroupM, today announced it has joined the Media Freedom Cohort, established during President Biden’s 2021 Summit for Democracy to advocate for free and independent media worldwide.

The Media Freedom Cohort is led by Internews, the world’s largest media support non-profit, and the governments of Canada and the Netherlands.

WPP will work alongside organisations including Associated Press, The New York Times, Microsoft, Google, BBC Media Action, Free Press Unlimited and more than 100 governments involved in the cohort.

The cohort will focus its support across three key areas: protecting journalists’ safety and security; advancing freedom of expression; and bolstering independent and diverse media. The news comes ahead of the second annual Summit for Democracy which takes place this week.

Through its media investment arm GroupM, WPP has committed to:

Create dedicated marketplaces exclusively with domains vetted by Internews’ Ads for News for responsible journalism across our top markets.

Drive awareness among our clients and the wider industry about the importance of investing in responsible journalism.

Add the domains for responsible journalism in local media supply offered to clients.

Mark Read, CEO, WPP: “Independent journalism plays a vital role around the world and we are pleased to be able to support that through GroupM. We look forward to working with the Media Freedom Cohort to ensure a diversity of credible media outlets worldwide.”

Christian Juhl, CEO, GroupM: “A healthy media ecosystem depends on a thriving news business that supports journalists and incentivises fact-based reporting. As the world’s leading media investment organisation, we’re proud to support the work of the Media Freedom Cohort through our global partnership with Internews and commitment to investing in responsible journalism.”

The news follows the announcement of GroupM’s latest commitment to support responsible journalism with its ‘Back to News’ initiative in partnership with Internews – a programme that will fund investment of media budgets in credible news publishers around the world.


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