Xandr launches new guide exploring the future of identity

Xandr launches new guide exploring the future of identity

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AT&T's advanced advertising company Xandr has released "Shaping the Future of Identity," an industry guide exploring the approaches for buyers and sellers, as well as market participants, as they evaluate identity solutions in preparation for a future without third-party cookies. 

As the deprecation of third-party cookies nears, marketers need to adjust buying strategies to ensure their programmatic advertising investments remain effective and efficient, reaching customers across screens in a non-intrusive and privacy-safe way. Meanwhile, publishers need alternative monetization strategies to continue to maximise the value of their inventory.

Matthew Papa, SVP of Partnerships, Captify: "As the loss of third-party cookies approaches, advertisers' top concern is how this will impact their ad performance, and ultimately, their bottom line. As they begin to test and adopt new buying strategies that balance performance and privacy, it will become clear that standard contextual strategies won't cut it. However innovative solutions are emerging for the advertising market that empower advertisers to reach high performing, intent-powered audiences at scale. In fact Captify's Search-powered Contextual available via Xandr's platform is a compelling alternative to cookie-based segments and standard contextual offerings in the market."

The guide looks at how the identity landscape is changing and considers a number of solutions, from industry IDs to contextual targeting and curated marketplaces. 

Daniel Clayman, GM, Northern Europe, Xandr: "As consumers spend more time engaging with content, their data privacy must remain a priority for the advertising industry at large. The rapidly changing identity landscape has led the advertising industry to reach an inflection point, and both publishers and marketers are central to writing the next chapter. A collaborative approach driven by a core belief in the need for an open internet will be essential for the success for both buyers and sellers in the new era of digital advertising."

It is the continuation of an evolving advertising ecosystem: which places consumer privacy front and centre and supports a sustainable open internet that works for the benefit of advertisers, content producers and consumers.

While complex, the move away from third-party cookies will allow the industry to better embrace transparency, partnership, and flexibility. Xandr's guide, which offers insights from Xandr executives and industry leaders, provides an in-depth look at the path forward.

"Shaping the Future of Identity" is available today on the Xandr website. 



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