MIX: A new agency with a radical focus on value

MIX: A new agency with a radical focus on value

12-01-2021 14:02:00 | Door: Pie Kamau | Hits: 1532 | Tags:

Mark Schoones and Ashwin Murli launch MIX: an agency with a radical focus on value. From proposition to organization. From brand to the experiences that brand offers.

MIX positions itself as a value development agency. Mark Schoones says: “Adding value. That’s what all the agencies want and a lot of clients expect. But agencies tend to lock themselves in their own silo or specialism. As a result, marketing shifts increasingly to marcom. That focus is too narrow to efficiently add value, in our view. That means it’s time for a different approach. Time for an agency that not only helps brands craft the message, but also helps with building the interactions and experiences brands offer their audience.''

This new perspective is based on MIX’s Value Architecture Model; a strategic model consisting of 5 different value points. Murli Ashwin explains: “Our Value Architecture Model is our guiding compass in everything we do. We analyze organizations on 5 value points: Proposition, Brand, Audience, Relationships and Organization. Based on that analysis we determine where value should be created, and develop strategies and concepts that do just that.''

According to Murli this means the output of MIX differs. “It could mean that we develop a new brand identity, consult you on your proposition or help you manage your creative suppliers. But it could also mean that we conclude that value should be found on the inside of your organization. Then we’ll build an in-house team, optimize your current workflows or improve your employer branding. Everything to improve the sum of all the different parts of your brand’s Value Architecture,” he says.

Murli and Schoones are familiar with each other. Both were previously at the Amsterdam-based agency Wayne Parker Kent. Schoones as its creative director and Murli as art director. Murli also worked as a creative director at Accenture Interactive, Label A, Johnny Wonder and Limelights.



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