Wish launches global brand campaign to support rebrand effort

Wish launches global brand campaign to support rebrand effort

17-08-2022 15:57:46 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 2792 | Tags:

ContextLogic Inc., one of the world’s largest mobile ecommerce platforms, has announced the launch of its global integrated brand campaign, ‘You Wish.’ The multi-channel, multi-market campaign brings to life the experience of shopping on Wish - where the emphasis is on discovery, fun and bargains.

The campaign, developed in partnership with ad agency Whale, tells a story about what would happen if the Wish shopping experience came to life. In the ad, the shopper is sucked through a portal into a new world where she’s presented with an endless selection of unique clothing, makeup and accessories that make her feel like herself. Floating through a gallery of Wish Clips, the Wish experience leaves her feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.

The campaign, which features a custom score, has been launched in the US before rolling out across the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy and Australia. It will run across TV and streaming, radio, digital, social, influencer marketing and PR.

Vijay Talwar, CEO, Wish: “Through the ad campaign, we’re bringing Wish to millions of homes around the world and we couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’re watching TV, streaming, or listening to the radio, you’ll get a taste of the inspiring and immersive experience of shopping on Wish. It’s an important milestone for us after a year of incredible transformation within the business as we continue on our mission to build an even greater world of discovery for our shoppers and merchants. We’re looking forward to hearing our customers’ reactions to the campaign as we bring them into a new and improved world of Wish.”

As part of the campaign, Wish is partnering up with talented creators around the world to widen the reach of the ‘You Wish’ campaign. Wish is excited to work with Adrian Bliss, Baby Tate, Harry Tate and MLMA and believe they are the perfect partners to showcase how Wish provides a discovery-driven personalized shopping experience for all.

The campaign launch comes on the heels of Wish releasing its first phase of its rebrand rollout. Over the last year, Wish has made significant changes to the consumer and merchant experience that encompass faster delivery times, a better shopper experience, and new consumer features. The new brand was accompanied with a refreshed mission statement - “Bargains Made Fun, Discovery Made Easy” - to reaffirm the company’s commitment to providing a unique and serendipitous shopping experience, where consumers can discover new products around the globe, all driven by personalization technology and robust merchandising.



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